Ecological construction supervision

The purpose of an ecological construction supervision is to support the constructor regarding the preparation and control to achieve a licensed, environmentally compatible, professional, conflict minimizing, timely and in price adequate implementation of the building process.

The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG offers environmental protection planning for the preparation of the construction. The focuses of the ecological construction supervision are mostly to ensure the adherence of the requirements of nature conservation of the projects´ permissions, to avoid and reduce impacts on relevant animals and plants under nature conservation legislation, to avoid conflicts in the management of soils or the final compensation of impacts of nature and landscape.

Project selection

Umweltbaubegleitung Luftkabelwechsel 110-kV-Ltg. Wildeshausen - Ganderkesee (2020)
Landkreis Oldenburg
Umweltbaubegleitung Ertüchtigung 220kV-Ltg. Bechterdissen - Paderborn Süd (2019)
Kreise Lippe, Paderborn
Umweltbaubegleitung Einfräsen eines Kabelschutzrohres, Ltg. 63 Krummhörn (2019)
Landkreis Aurich
Umweltbaubegleitung Maßnahmen Bahnhof Oker (2019)
Landkreis Goslar